Let me continue my previous post. I was telling you guys about the south part of Amsterdam and the Van Gogh Museum.
If you are going to visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, here are some essential facts about the Van Gogh Museum you should know.

- It is open daily from 10:00 to 18.00, except for Fridays, on which it is open from 10:00 to 22.00. Ticket office works daily from 10.00 to 17.30 (on Fridays to 21.30).

- Admission fee for adults is € 12.50, for 13-17 year-old children – € 2.50, children under 12 years old enter free of charge.

- There was a long queue at the admissions office, as this museum is very popular among tourists especially during the summer months. That is one more reason for me to obtain a Museum card, as Museum card holders gain immediate
entrance to the museum and do not need to wait in ticket lines.

- As a guide in the museum instructed, museum visitors should not come too close or touch works of art. It is prohibited to take photos, to film, or to make audio or video recordings. It is not allowed to take large bags and bottles into the museum – these items must be left in the cloakroom. There are also security checks with metal detection on entering the museum.

I found out that there is one more way to get a ticket to the Van Gogh Museum. As the Van Gogh Museum works with a
number of inexpensive Amsterdam hotels and Amsterdam’s youth hostels, you can purchase tickets for the museum at the front desk of your Amsterdam hotel. There are a lot of 2-5- star cheap hotels in Amsterdam participating, so it is advisable to check your Amsterdam accommodation.

In my previous post I promised to tell you about my sightseeing in the south part of Amsterdam. I decided to start exploring the South part visiting Amsterdam’s famous Van Gogh Museum, because I have heard that it is one of the best
attractions in Amsterdam and if you only visit one museum in Amsterdam, this should be the one you pick. Why not to see it with my own eyes?

There are two possible ways to get tickets for the Van Gogh Museum: you can buy them online at the official Van Gogh Museum website or get them in person at the museum. In case you have Amsterdam Museumboat ticket, the Amsterdam Museum Card or the I Amsterdam Card, you can get a good discount on tickets to the Van Gogh Museum and many other museums in Amsterdam. I am planning to buy one of these cards in the nearest future.

The Van Gogh Museum is in Amsterdam’s Oud Zuid (Old South) district, there are also three other cultural highlights which share the Museumplein with the Van Gogh Museum – these are the Rijksmuseum, the Concertgebouw, and the Stedelijk Museum. The hotel receptionist in Hotel Ibis Amsterdam City Stopera (by the way, very good budget Amsterdam hotel. I have stayed there and liked this budget Amsterdam accommodation) advised me to take bus 145 to the Museumplein stop, but I decided to get there by a bicycle instead. Riding a bicycle here is a real pleasure as Amsterdam is very flat. If you don’t have your own bicycle, there are numerous bicycle rental shops everywhere throughout the city.

I have to go now, so… to be continued later on…

So I went out for some Asian food at a restaurant called ‘Hoi Tin’ right next to the Chinese temple. The restaurant was packed with people, which was a good sign of course. I orderded a corn/crab soup to start with and the main course was roasted pork with fried rice which was perfect! In total I paid €25 including two drinks and a tip which is a reasonable price. If you have a tight budget, you can always go to the Mac or another fastfood restaurant.

Let me tell you more about the hotel Ibis Stopera Amsterdam where I’ve booked two nights. Had a nice refreshing 10 min. walk back to the hotel after a nice dinner and ordered a cappucino at the bar of the hotel. Had a nice view on the street, just observing what’s going on outside. Saw alot of people in jogging suits passing by, think they were going to the fitness school next to the hotel.

The staff of the hotel was very friendly and helpful. The room was ok, got a flat screen TV (with several english channels), lovely views over the canal and a the shower was excellent. One comment only, there was no tea and coffee making in the room.

Next to this hotel there was another hotel located called hotel falcon plaza centre Amsterdam, this was not a hotel chain. Tomorrow I’m going to take a quick look inside and ask for the rates. The Grand hotel Amrath Amsterdam was located nearby, but I don’t think it will be cheap. That’s all about this hotel in Amsterdam, next time I’ll tell you about my sightseeing in the south part of Amsterdam. See ya!

In the end of the previous post I put a kind of ‘to be continued’, so it is to be continued here.

- If the hotel advertises its rooms with the sea view, then clarify beforehand the cost of this pleasure, as it may be more expensive. In the case of the same cost of both categories of the apartments, you can send your wish in writing to stay in the room with windows looking on to the sea through the travel operator. They are always of great demand, such rooms. Remember that.
- If the hotel can not give you a room you want when asked beforehand, try to ask about the desired category upon your arrival.
- The situation with the sea view concerns every requirements and details such as two next-door rooms, availability of the balcony, smoking/non-smoking room and etc.

Hotel’s location.
- You should pay special attention to this matter during the discussion of the hotel ort looking through the information about. Internet make wonders, so, it is quite easy to know if the proposed hotel is situated in a mile from the nearest beach, or in the noisy and/or dubious district. And remember, the description of the hotel’s location sometimes does not match the reality in full.
- In addition, get familiar with the map and structure of the hotel’s blocks and lines thoroughly. Maps are posted in Internet for almost every self-respecting hotel and resort.
- One more point: if you are not going to spend time on the beach but want to communicate with and mix with people then determine the nearest hotel to the place of parties and etc.

However the choice is yours and… be careful!

Are you going to travel in Amsterdam? Then here are some tips how to choose a hotel in Amsterdam

Part 1
If you have planned your travel in advance, then you must have made all preparations. Have you thought of a hotel, the best place to stay at?
Remember the main idea: the hotel is a place that must be as comfortable as possible. It is a must because it can happen that you will have to spend much time there. So, numerous negative comments should make think it over well and probably think better of it.

There are some important features in the process of choosing a hotel.
- Do not take the promises of travel agencies and advertisements words on trust: they can, and often do, conceal certain details so that everything will look splendid;
- Do not believe the comments of “experienced” tourists at hotel’s web-site, as they can be simply written by hotel’s marketing people.
Hotel’s web-site:
- If the hotel has no web-site, then you should be cautious: either these guys economize on everything and don’t bother to make one, or their star-category is being changed or something alike is going on.
- Hotel web-site is one thing, and hotel’s being listed in one of the wide-known online reservation systems is another thing. Check the latter as well, as online reservation saves a lot of time if you travel extensively.
- Have a thorough look at the hotel’s photos. They will illustrate a character of the exterior and interior of the building. Of course, you will never see minute details, but you will definitely have a general idea.
- What the hotel’s web-site usually does not lie about are hotel’s contacts: address, phones and e mail. E-mail is especially useful to send a message to request details you are interested in. Anyway, by the time their staff replies to your massage you can judge what their idea of customer care is. If the reply isn’t prompt, their room-service is most probably not brisk.
- At last, it is a usual practice to list room categories at the hotel web-site. If you cannot find the category you want, then do not try to find out its availability.

Well, these tips are not all for this topic, and I will continue my advices in the next post

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