The number of people with high level of income is steadily on the rise and when at last they decide to take a break from their busy and hectic lives, they want indulge all their wants and needs whatever they are. And the hotel owners have to generate and offer something very special to win tourists’ affection and attract them to their hotels. Modern hotel is no more just a comfortable place for sleeping with good food and a swimming pool. There have to be something more than just a set of basic amenities and services. Luxury hoteliers are trying to create all kinds of new, unique, top-end amenities, services, special offers and packages, which can seem sometimes strange, weird, and even mad. Let’s have a look at top seven exceptional guests’ services in hotel industry.

1. The Benjamin, an executive suite hotel in New York, offers the Before Children Package of services. That means that you get your personal Sleep Concierge who will help you choose from a pillow menu with some 12 choices for a good night sleep. Moreover, if you select the hotel’s Dream a Little Dream package, you will also receive some sleep tips, lavender turn-down service and a white-noise machine, which is really a special device that produces a sound somewhat like a waterfall to enhance your sleep. The next morning your Sleep Concierge will be there to decipher your dreams.

Hotel’s Dream

2. If you don’t want to leave your lovely dog at home, take it with you to Nine Zero hotel, Boston. This pet-friendly hotel offers special “In the Doghouse” pet package which will treat your four-legged friend like royalty. Pet sitting, pet grooming, pet walking and pet massage, let alone pet bowls and pet beds in your room, are included in the package. The above mentioned Benjamin hotel has a “Dream Dog” program which includes 3 bed options, Dream Dog bathrobe, Doggy DVD, “Dog-on Television” and a Spa gift basket for your dog.

Dog Hotel

3. The Hyatt Andaz London hotel is number one choice for book lovers as it offers one of the most unique services for its guests – “bibliotherapy”. The hotel has a “reader-in-residence”, whose duties include diagnosing hotel guests’ literary needs and prescribing particular texts, which he reads aloud to them. Moreover, there is a special book menu to choose from. Enjoy a peaceful evening with a man reading aloud for you.

Hotel for book lovers

4. The Houstonian Hotel specializes on spa and fitness in the state-of-the-art . The hotel offers all kinds of spa services and facilities: massages, facials, body-treatments, rainfall showers, steam room, indoor float pool and so on. The Hustonian Hotel has a special babymoon package for mothers-to-be, which includes Prenatal Massage, repair and restore vitamin C facial to reduce pigment marks associated with pregnancy and foot rescue program. Fathers-to-be can enjoy Deep Tissue Massage while waiting for them.

Fitness Centre Hotel

5. If you want to get the real jail experience, book a cell in Jailhotel Lowengraben in Switzerland. All hotel rooms have the authentic jail touch and allow you to taste life behind bars. Maybe it is the first prison you will never want to leave.

Behind Bars Hotel

6. Fairemont Chicago hotel has its own bath sommelier who offers hand-drawn baths in mint, pepper mint, chocolate, milk, mud, sugar or citrus for the best relaxation ever.

Hotel with chocolate bath

7. Guests of Hotel Sax Chicago can enjoy its Celebrity Rider Package. The hotel staff will find out requested celebrity’s personal preferences and requirements and duplicate them for you. Just be sure you can afford it!

I continue reviewing Amsterdam accommodation options, but at first I would like to share some of my general thoughts about choosing hotels in Amsterdam. Being a journalist, I often travel on business to Amsterdam – either alone or with a colleague of mine, Frank – and have already known a plenty of Amsterdam hotels, so I am really able to compare them in different terms to help you in the choice of the pleasant hotel in Amsterdam. The choice of hotels and hostels in Amsterdam is really vast and finding a hotel is not difficult. What seems more difficult and complicated is choosing the RIGHT hotel. All travelers have to face the problem of their settlement in Amsterdam when planning their visit whether it is a long-term visit or a short weekend excursion. The place you choose to stay in Amsterdam may influence the whole Amsterdam experience.

Generally, hotels and hostels in Amsterdam are either good or bad, really bad. Luxury Amsterdam hotels rated 4 and 5-stars are definitely very good, booking rooms there generally guarantees spacious apartments, best service, friendly and helpful English speaking staff, additional amenities and good food, in other words everything you need for a comfortable stay. Choosing mid-range and cheap hotels in Amsterdam is more risky. You should think twice before booking and try to find as much information about the hotel where you intend to stay as possible: ask your friends’ opinions, read different reviews of the hotel in the Internet and so on.

To be continued…

Today I am going to make a small review of Amsterdam accommodation options for people coming to the capital. Amsterdam’s hotel infrastructure offers a wide variety of accommodations to choose – from luxurious 4 and 5-star hotels known all over the world to small, but cosy and cheap Amsterdam hotels and hostels for people traveling on the budget. For those looking for romance in Amsterdam boutique hotels overlooking the canal would probably be the best choice. People traveling in groups or with kids may like B&Bs or self-catering apartments. Hotel’s price level and its location are probably the most important points to consider when choosing a place to stay in Amsterdam. The most popular Amsterdam hotels for tourists who came in order to see the sights are located around Dam Square, the entertainment seekers should look for Amsterdam hotels near Red Light District or famous squares of Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein. Shopping fans might prefer staying near the most popular shopping streets. But whatever Amsterdam hotel you choose, cheap Amsterdam hotel or the most expensive one, take care of booking it well in advance to avoid disappointments. Remember that the capital of the Netherlands is a year-round popular tourist destination, especially busy at weekends and festive events when it is almost impossible to book hotels on the short term. There are a lot of websites at your disposal to make secure on-line hotel reservations.

I think I will continue my overview of Amsterdam’s accommodation options in the following posts. If you have any useful information on Amsterdam hotels, please, share with us!

Hello, everybody!

Caroline, I am very glad that you liked my previous reviews of budget Amsterdam hotels, I hope they will be helpful for you and Barry. Jack sends his best regards to you. It’s a pity we couldn’t see you in Paris as we were planning: Jack had some urgent work and had to travel to Eindhoven for a couple of days. I was really upset and a little bit angry with him :(( Just hope to see you some other day, the sooner the better.

OK. I go on with the reviews of Amsterdam hotels. The next is a 3-star Hotel de Paris Amsterdam (Jack has stayed there last year). It’s just a perfect Amsterdam lodging to explore the city on foot: approximately 5 minutes to the square “Leidseplein” (it is considered to be one of Amsterdam’s liveliest places for nightlife – theatres, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, the casino, and so on. We will definitely find what to do there! I was there once with Chantal during their stay here – fire-eaters amazed me most of all. I would never try doing that myself though!), 10 minutes to “Rembrandtplein”, 20 minutes to the Dam, 25 minutes to Red Light District (you know what it is, don’t you? :))), 30 minutes to the Central Station. So you see Hotel de Paris Amsterdam is within walking distance to almost everything and all at a snails-pace stroll! And I think that the best way to explore the city like Amsterdam is on foot, I guess you would agree with me.

I will continue later, we are going for a walk with Alex now. Bye!

In the end of the previous post I put a kind of ‘to be continued’, so it is to be continued here.

- If the hotel advertises its rooms with the sea view, then clarify beforehand the cost of this pleasure, as it may be more expensive. In the case of the same cost of both categories of the apartments, you can send your wish in writing to stay in the room with windows looking on to the sea through the travel operator. They are always of great demand, such rooms. Remember that.
- If the hotel can not give you a room you want when asked beforehand, try to ask about the desired category upon your arrival.
- The situation with the sea view concerns every requirements and details such as two next-door rooms, availability of the balcony, smoking/non-smoking room and etc.

Hotel’s location.
- You should pay special attention to this matter during the discussion of the hotel ort looking through the information about. Internet make wonders, so, it is quite easy to know if the proposed hotel is situated in a mile from the nearest beach, or in the noisy and/or dubious district. And remember, the description of the hotel’s location sometimes does not match the reality in full.
- In addition, get familiar with the map and structure of the hotel’s blocks and lines thoroughly. Maps are posted in Internet for almost every self-respecting hotel and resort.
- One more point: if you are not going to spend time on the beach but want to communicate with and mix with people then determine the nearest hotel to the place of parties and etc.

However the choice is yours and… be careful!

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